Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dogs, Chicks and Hemmingway

Expect the unexpected when in Cuba.

Like perros on the roof, keeping watch. 

Or farm animals roaming at look-out points. This mother hen squawked about with her cute baby chicks in tow. Can you find all nine among the leaves, or wait maybe there's 10. 

Seeing where our food comes from was one of the neatest experiences. Who knew coffee beans grew on trees and pineapples grew in groves? Avocado, banana, mango and lime trees were also abound in the countryside. Not something we see everyday here in the good old suburbia of Crofton, Maryland.

Sometimes I felt like we were being watched... not by the government, but by the faces in the mountains.

This is one of the many memorials locals had erected in tribute to the Cuban Five, most of who remain jailed in the US for espionage.

I was not expecting to meet famous author Ernest Hemmingway in Cuba, but alas he was waiting for us at Floridita, a bar he would frequent for daiquiris during his numerous stays in Havana. The daiquiris were outstanding and the band that stopped in was quite lively! I could see why he would come here for escape and inspiration. Don't you love the photograph on the wall of Hemmingway whispering to Fidel Castro? Wish I knew what he was saying...